I Enjoyed Crafting MonshaatDigital Portals,Platforms & Design System., Al Rajhi TakafulPartner System., ShawarmerMobile App., STCInternal Systems., SafeerStudent Overseas Platform., Mbt3thStudent overseas community., FantaPS competition. & Many More Fabulous Digital Products & Platforms.

Mohamed Yahia

Multi-dimensional solutions emerge the harmony between Human, Business & Technology. I Believe every single moment meant to be designed!

That's what motivated me through more than 12 Years of experience with UX, Product Design, Digital Business relevant job positions.

I'm Mohamed Yahia,

Experience & Product Designer.

In April of 2021, I made a move to TETCO, where I am pursuing a brighter future for the educational technologies. Along with incredibly smart and talented people.

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In 2018, I established The 4I.Design, Where you can learn more about Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation & More.

Currently, I'm working on MAROCO.ORG, Mankind & Robots Collaboration Organization.

I'm writing on Medium for UXPlanet and other related publications. In my spare time I make noise.

Conceptual modeling for digital solutions, in-depth.

January 17, 2021

Thoughts on building solid multi-dimensional solutions. Hala 🤩 Great innovations start with a concept, a good concept is a well-structured compensation of multiple ideas and layers, and each serves multiple or one purposes. Everything go...

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Few lines, Designing for the Insurance industry.

September 3, 2020

Hala 👋 Fintech solutions future and present are promising, Insurance industry at the moment is moving in the speed of the light towards huge impactful innovations. I was lucky to lead a few Fintech product innovations, two of them were with...

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8 (not 10) Quotes that drive me through life!

August 16, 2020

Life is full of dramatic situations, where you struggle to find the right path, saying the right words, making the right decisions. Hala 🤩, Since I was too young, and throughout a journey of 29 Years. Lots of unforgettable words, quotes en...

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My Story

Design is what I'm doing for the last 12 years. I started my career very early. Programming was my passion while I was a teenager than I fell in love with the design! Why & when I don't know.

I used to live in Almanya, Upper Egypt, in a small village with a poor internet connection! I was born in 1991, and in 2007 was the year I called my self designer 👨‍🎨.

I Started my career as a Graphic designer, this did not last for few months until I switched to Web Design (doing both was the gaol at that moment). It was not an easy goal; I remember staying at home for around four months, learning and implementing new things on an hourly basis.

A year later, with four of my friends, we established our small design agency, called "Special Effects" based in Cairo. And due to our management falls, and Jan Revolution (lesson learned) we were forced to shut it down by early 2010.

I felt the loss; it was too early for me to accept such a thing. Few months later, I established my agency, called "8Media". with 24 hours of working, marketing online, travelling all over Egypt, I was able to achieve small success through the journey. I had lots of agreement with few talented services providers "Motion, Sound engineering, Branding, Hosting Experts". That's empowered the company to offer lots of different digital-focused media services such as (web design and development, branding, motion, sound and Marketing/SEO, etc.).

Ah, 8Media didn't have an official office. All the team were remotes.

Nothing meant to last forever, I felt after a while I need to learn more. And alone this was not achievable gaol. So I started looking for an excellent opportunity. At that moment, I had the chance to start with a hosting company called "Mhgoz" based in New Dammita, Egypt.
It was not a bad option at all, I learnt a lot there. And within the first eight months, I became the Team Lead for a team of more than five members.
With Mhgoz, I made lots of successful products (one-click scripts & themes mostly), and, we were able to sell it to our clients in the MENA region. But again, after around two years, I felt I need to learn more.

2013 & Sarmady - a Vodafone Company. Where the magic begins. Sarmady is the digital arm of Vodafone Egypt. The company used to own most of the successful portals and platforms in Egypt and the middle east at some point. With Sarmady, I learnt a lot daily. Designing for millions of users is not an easy task, following the identical design process and dealing with quantitative data, developing multiple concepts and comparing/testing too many things, dealing with the non-impossible team, that was a lot of fun for me. For me, until the moment Sarmady was the best Employee Experience I have ever had!
I was so lucky to have the chance to work on many projects with Sarmady team such as Filgoal, Fanta, Almasry Alyoum, Contact-Cars.
Again, In late 2013 things were not so stable in Egypt. The atmosphere, in general, was not so good and for the first time, I wanted to leave the country. That was not an easy choice at all for me.

I was looking for a good opportunity, I remember I had lots of interviews at that moment and ended up with a good offer from "Wireless-marketer" a product design and development company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
With Wireless-Marketer I had lots of new areas to explore. rather than the normal user experience stuff and techniques. Designing Products that will be used by different segments was not an easy task. moreover, designing for multiple touchpoints (Desktop, Mobile, Digital Screens & Kiosks) relayed on new challenges and learnings as well. I was lucky to work on lots of national initiatives during my engagement with Wireless-Marketer such as the Digital National ID "Absher".

Life will give you new challenges every-day. For me, the most painful challenge was the loss of my dad between a day & night. That was the trigger to back to Egypt since the situation was too much to be handled remotely. I'm the only male left and lots of things needed to be adjusted.

Day after day, I realized that even it's a real challenge, but the growth opportunity is still there. Amin (one of my friends) and I established our product design studio. Pixvar, both of us were interested in providing the next generation of educational services. We focused on developing Mbt3th.us, one of the most thriving communities for students overseers. We built lots of exciting ideas on top of the core community, which empowered students with more resources and tools to achieve what they aim to. We established the directory (google map like), the part-time jobs portal, and Dukaan NY as well.
As a Co-Founder and managing partner, the challenges were different. Managing a team remotely and keeping deliverables on track was not an easy task. Even though Pixvar team were intelligent enough to make our life easier. After around one year and a half, I felt it's the right time to move forward.

In Oct.2015, I moved back again to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I joined Imkan as a Lead Product Designer. With Imkan and for around two years I had lots of opportunities to learn and grow more and more. Imkan was providing mainly web and mobile solutions - aka mobile/web apps. Designing mainly for mobile devices was not something new for me but the level of details I learnt to care about with Imkan was unforgettable. Shawarmer, Takamool - Zad and Sadad were the primary clients for us during that period.

In Oct.2017, I made a move to HUED, an innovation and design agency based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I started with HUED as a UX Consultant and promotion after another. At the moment, I'm filling the Associate Manager of User Experience position. With HUED, I Learnt a lot about Services Design, Design Thinking, and Innovation. Again, Lots of happy clients and successful products and stories to tell! Such as Monshaat, Alrajhi Takaful, STC, TETCO, and more.

As Associate Manager at HUED, I'm contributing throughout the different engagement phases starting from the BD, building proposal after defining the customer needs. Until the final deliverables handoff. With HUED, I used to lead multiple engagements; teams with different clients come from various industries. Such as governmental, educational, insurance, telecom & more. Building and covering a variety of experiences and target audiences. At HUED, we are liquid. Besides my core responsibilities, I practice & gain lots of different skills, and here are a few things that I did At HUED:

Skills & Experiences

I like to call my self a Product Designer.

What makes me unique, is the diversity of experiences in different topics such as UX Design, User Interface, User Research, Digital Marketing, Digital Business, Platform strategies, Innovation, Design Thinking, Development, Project Management and many more.

I Deal with ..

Through my career path, I used to deal with lots of different environments and concepts in User Experience Design field such as Product Design, Human-Centered Design, Lean UX, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Rapid Prototyping, SIT & Many more.

I Use ..

Based on what I need to deliver, the nature of every project, and the time frame. I might use Sketch, Invision, Tableau, Principle, Noun Project, Lingo, and Adobe Creative Cloud Apps. & many more.

Proud of ..
Learning Never Stops

It's not about being certified only, It is more like a challenge and grant access to tons of knowledge resources and getting to know the top institutions' mindset.

  • 2021

    Master of Business Adminstration
    University of Aberdeen Business School On-going.

  • 2020

    Postgraduate Diploma In Innovation and Design Thinking
    EMERITUS Institute of Management In collaboration with MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School Executive Education, and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

  • 2019

    Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business
    EMERITUS Institute of Management In collaboration with Columbia Business School Executive Education & MIT Sloan. Primary Topics: Digital Strategies, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing.

  • 2018

    Human-Computer Interaction for User Experience Design
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Explore HCI concepts and principles and their impact on the usability and experience level by covering: The essence of interaction design, Non-traditional and multimodal user interfaces, Collaborative computer interaction, Intelligent user interfaces and prototyping, Multimedia, speech, and vision in computer interaction, and the future direction of the human-computer interface.

  • 2017

    Design Sprint Foundations Nanodegree
    Udacity Design Sprint process to test ideas, leverage opportunities, and power innovation. With AJ&Smart.

  • 2013

    Bachelor of Law
    Faculty of Law - University of Assiut
    Licence Degree of Laws.

Since 2007 & Counting

Since 2007, It's been a long time in my career. I was lucky to build rockstars products and working with many outstanding teams all over the middle east, Riyadh, and Cairo especially.

  • 2021

    Manager - Design Studio and Digital/Product
    HUED Innovation & Design As Manager at HUED, I'm contributing throughout the different engagement phases starting from the BD, building proposal after defining the customer needs. Until the final deliverables handoff. With HUED, I used to lead multiple engagements; teams with different clients come from various industries. Such as governmental, educational, insurance, telecom & more. Building and covering a variety of experiences and target audiences. At HUED, we are liquid. Besides my core responsibilities, I practice & gain lots of different skills.

  • 2020

    Associate Manager - User Experience
    HUED Innovation & Design

  • 2019

    Senior Consultant - User Experience
    HUED Innovation & Design

  • 2018

    Consultant - User Experience
    HUED Innovation & Design

  • 2017

    Lead Product Designer
    Imkan Solutions Managing & leading design team to produce successful products. doing researches, prototyping or even playing with code!

  • 2015

    Co-Founder & Lead Product Designer
    Pixvar - a Product Design Studio Designing for many educational solutions, mainly for web and mobile apps. managing my team through the development stage as well.

  • 2014

    Product Designer
    Wireless Marketer Leading the product design team to implement new versions of the company products. work in collaboration with Elm and other governmental entities in many cases.

  • 2013

    UX/UI Designer
    Sarmady - a Vodafone Company Designing the experience for the company main products such as Filgoal, etc. and designing the experiences for web portals such as Fanta, Almasry alyoum newspaper and many more.

  • 2012

    UX/UI Team Leader
    Mhgoz Establishing & Leading the UX/UI team for Moz.com. delivering outstanding web products, and developing the hosting management solutions.

  • 2010

    Desginer & Co Founder
    Eight Media Managing the team / partnerships and developing concepts for our clients (branding/web/motion).

  • 2009

    Desginer & Co Founder
    Sepcial Effect
    My primary responsibilities were branding and web design/development.

  • 2007

    Web Designer
    Freelancer During this early stage of my career I was offering web design/development services through my personal website.


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