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Lead Product Designer
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Who Believe That Every & Each Single Moment Meant To Be Designed!


Since 2007, It's been a long time in my career. Discovered many things about web design, mobile apps, and product design, experienced lots of methodologies, techniques, concepts, and approaches. Which encouraged publishing The 4I's Lab, I was lucky to build rockstars products and working with many outstanding teams all over the middle east, Riyadh, and Cairo especially.

used to work with hued, imkan, pixvar studio, wireless marketer, sarmady a vodafone company used to work with hued, imkan, pixvar studio, wireless marketer, sarmady a vodafone company

It's More Than Design!

I believe that good design is everything. It's not about creating a functional layout only, but also a revenue builder. Whatever the meaning of revenue word for each case. The design's impact on digital business could be measured by unlimited matrix and criteria upon every single case!

Rockstar Products
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A Highly skilled Designer with around 12 Years of experience with UX, Product Design, Digital Business relevant job positions. With a deep understanding of Human-Computer interaction design, Design thinking, Managing innovation, Digital Business Strategies. With a history full of wearing different hats within the design process from A until Z. and playing a variety of different roles within Design Teams Such as Designer, Lead Designer, Team Leader, Sr. Consultant and Manager as well. with an entrepreneurial mindset based on previous experiences. Education Education

Allah loves to seeOne's job done at the level of itqan. — The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Mohamed Yahia Mohamed Yahia Associate Manager of User Experience Tel:( 002 ) 010-2000-6646 Tel:( 00966 ) 055-1222-631 hi[at]moha[dot]studio

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