My Home-Workstation

2020 Was not normal by all means. Working from home becomes more and more natural. And for professionals, home-desk or workstation matters a lot. A simple, productive environment is a game-changer. So here you can find all about my workstation.

Few lines about building a workstation

Your workstation affects your creativity, work habits and overall mood. While we spend most of our time working, it is better to have a visually blessing and comfortable desk for long sprints and nights. 


If you wish to have any further clarification do not go ahead and connect over WhatsApp, or whatever way you wish. I’ll be super glad to support. 


Also if this page helped you building yours, please drop me a picture for inspiration. 

The answer is clear, although you may need to invest more in your traveling work kit if you are not a work-from-home person.

I'm an OCD person; cables, inconsistent look, visual stuff mean a lot for me and impact me the most. I wanted to have a function-cable-free workstation, and the thing made me think Cleary on how to manage my priorities and keep things simple in a very complex way!

From a time to another, Yes. But you need to understand that as I also have my responsibilities, I can promise that I'll help you the most I can.

Okay, it depends. Although in most cases, you will need to perform basic activities. And there is always a support option you could get from Ikea or any local services provider.

It depends again. The basic (without any hardware/technology ones) could cost around 1000$ to 1500$. In contrast, the technology parts could raise this by more than 5000$. It depends on your needs and preferences.

Here is the compinition!