The 4Is
Of Design!


Each designer understands the underlayers of design approaches and methodologies in a different way. Here I’m showing you my beliefs about the under layers of the design process. I’ll tell you why I really like Design Thinking, and how it simplifies the design as well.

What's Inside?

Understand the story, from the very beginning

Understanding today’s facts require us to understand how things started, the history behind everything, and anything. The book Strat tells the story of experience design, how humanity evolves through the years and how it becomes what we have today.


an objective driven sight over the research phase, how, when, why and more.


Basically let's build on top of the human experiences. let's make our history shape the future.


how to build for each case, build with a purpose in mind.


giving yourself a chance to recover, to go above and beyond. 

Real Projects & Stories

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Best Practice
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Design Hacks
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Real Stories

Sample of what you will read inside