Today, at this moment, while you are reading this. There is someone who is about to invest his life savings, trying to establish the next Amazon since he is an inventor. Long story short.

We are all fulled of differences, the innovator mindset is not a lawyer mind-set, and it won’t be, it won’t even be closer to it. There is a HUGE difference between the problems different people are trying to solve during there day jobs, each requires a specific thinking hat and let’s call it, Path of thinking and Analysis. If you are a great leader, or you consider yourself like this, it does not mean that you are innovator, believe me, keeping this in your mind will save humanity at some-point.

Using Research methods, You could gain lots of insights around the issue you thought you know better!

Our brain abilities are unlimited but limited at the same time. You know why? It’s kind of magic, called experience. Did you ask yourself why a particular doctor is one of the best around the world? Simple answer, he trained, experienced at too many levels, he reads, practices, learns new things, cares for different aspects, digs in the depth of every single aspect, tries to connect the dots of what he is learning. and then & then only, he will become a great doctor. this is applicable for almost all the different jobs, talents, skills, should not this work also for innovators? logic, please!

Innovation for Moms should focus on Moms roles! How a Mom could help to build and to incept this thinking tools as a fundamental part of their Childs mindset, and how she can grow his abilities doing this!?

While we are trying to establish innovation as a culture, adapting different thinking directions and new-old ones, spreading the knowledge with the public, we are doing the greatest sin ever! as if we are giving a blind a book to read! We are not giving them the guidebook, the F*cken basic one. This is a thinking way, tool, method, that you could use to reach better quality of outcomes with whatever you are doing so soooo well!!! Please settle!

I’m so happy with the growth I’m seeing, But I’m mad about the results! You be should too. We are presenting, for example, design thinking as if it’s an off-shelf solution, a pack! read it, do it, and now you are the best innovator ever! Come on!!!

Continuing presenting valuable concepts and methods in such a way will lead to a real collapse, which will affect each and every one. Could you please imagine the next 10 years? we are breaking this up for what! BD?? freaking bad!

Design thinking, for example, could help lawyers, doctors, engineers, moms, kids, but how to customise the delivery and the format for each, how to speak a language that he understands, like really understand, how to deliver more oriented and efficient and practical knowledge, that’s what we should focus on. We are not stamping people!

Salamat ?