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The pandemic came, went and changed too many things, and the paramount one was our understandings, beliefs and thoughts. With all the advanced technologies, with all the inventions happening on the products and services surrounding us, still, education as it is since forever! Slight changes, but in the core, it is the same.

I was lucky to contribute towards one of the key countries in the middle east educational technology vision over almost one year. And today, I would like to share a few thoughts on how we as a community shall conceptualise the future of our united humankind since education is everything!

A kid using VR for education porpuses

Unification is vital.

Reaching a level where everything is unified, a one-stop thing where you shall find all related information about a particular item in your life, is not new. Most of the sectors have either already reached this or making good progress.

The concept of unification is not about having one unified platform or portal to host and handle all educational stuff. It is more about unifying the data sources, especially the historical ones and building an individualised experience accordingly. Not only for the student but for all the different players and stakeholders. Parents, administration staff, teachers & the rest.

To reach such a level, and with all the technologies required, we also need to keep an eye on a few experience dimensions such as efficiency and effectiveness, nudges, and emotional design; these could be the winning formula.

Apple Avatar, as an example of how we can bring the real life into the digital one.

Collaboration, Gamification & Context-aware.

Enriching the educational experiences is not about having an interactive learning platform, or at least only. It’s more about how this particular platform(s) will behave with its users.

Let us take a step back. The educational process as a whole, since forever, is meant to be built upon the relationship between the student and a teacher, the physical environment, and collaboration with other students, which as a whole produce a conceptualised feeling of a guide who never fails to push mind-blowing concepts, yet interestingly. It is meant to be the case here. Although, reaching such a level is almost impossible with the traditional ways of digital transformation! Yes, impossible! And that’s where the following fancy words become real.

A collaborative, context-aware, gamified interface utilising today’s and future technologies shall erase the gaps we feel as humans using that medium to interact. The machine at that stage needs to have its awareness, and decide, as an experienced facilitator, what to push, when and how! Importantly, for whom.

It’s essential also to mention that such things are so hard to reach by one group or even a country. And it needs all the efforts to be there. Open innovation should spark multiple implementations of platforms, big data and AI.

Few implementation of immersive technologies

Forget the digital twin that you knew.

I need a replica of the digital world in the real world, and the opposite is right! Twin, like a real one!

It is crazy how VR and AR shall dramatically change how we study “no, not study” The way we live science. An immersive world is needed deeply, where you, as a part of the educational process, shall interact with the machine in both environments, its environment and yours.

Imagine yourself talking to a robot who knows the lesson you took yesterday when you swum between the planets through VR. It is outstanding! And should be the real future — the ultimate simplified sophisticated goal, as a fact.

A comprehensive set of different technologies implementations is a must and should be prepared for from day one. Labs, communities, teachers, and classes should be in both environments.

The glory of humankind’s past and future starts here. Not in this post or that; I mean with education. It’s our only tool to shape the generation of innovators who can find a treatment, build a space rocket and houses, and make the world, again, green.

Since I summarised a massive benchmark report, I need to leave a few references to build, understand, and concise the future.

Meet you soon, Salamat.