Few lines, Designing for the Insurance industry.

Fintech solutions future and present are promising; the insurance industry at the moment is moving at the speed of the light towards huge impactful innovations.

Conceptual modeling for digital solutions, in-depth.

This article aims to give you the foundational understandings and principles which empower you to build better multi-dimensional conceptual models, which means a lot.

8 (not 10) Quotes that drive me through life!

Life is full of dramatic situations, where you struggle to find the right path, saying the right words, making the right decisions.

Innovation is not for everyone. Open letter,

Today, at this moment, while you are reading this. There is someone who is about to invest his life savings, trying to establish the next Amazon since he is an inventor. Long story short.

Digital Product Prototype — The Full guide

A prototype, if you are sketching on paper, it is a prototype. If you are working on the animations of interaction, it is a prototype also. When we talk about such a long & wide stage of design, we should think deeper to understand how we could do it quickly, adapt the workflow for better results.

Design Evaluation, What Am I Doing before sharing my work!

The honest self-evaluation for whatever you are doing plays a vital role in your success as a designer.

Desk-Research, Where creativity begins!

Designers Should be able to take the desk research beyond and above! Building pioneer digital products are not easy to achieve these days, so please don’t reinvent the wheel.

Boost Your UX Pleasantness

Hints For Crafting Enjoyable Moments In Human Digital Lives.

Great Mosque of Mecca? Let’s Develop The Holy Places Experience

Indeed, the most exciting part of crafting a user experience happens when you are the designer and the user simultaneously. As a Muslim, at my last visit to the Great Mosque of Mecca, I had many thoughts and questions about developing the experience of the holy place. Foremost the area and the experience of our movement and the activities’ helpful resources.

We Are Designers By Our Nature!

Almost Everything is a Design, your city, your street, your house, your cheer, your laptop, your body, your organs, and even every cell. Design is anything and everything.

When Content Builds The Experience — Thoughts On UX Writing

People in real life communicate with each other through speech in which we share everything. through different conversation ways such as talking, texting or even voice notes. on the web, we can communicate through text, sound, video for example.

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