Influencing Millions Of Lives By Design.

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A foolish, hungry, ultimately dead person with nothing to lose who never settles and strives to leave a positive impact and happy memories behind. 

Multi-dimensional solutions emerge the harmony between Human, Business & Technology. I Believe every single moment is meant to be designed!

I have been exposed to various challenges that shaped and sharpened my skills the way I am today. So glad for these unexpected situations and the planned ones.

Mastering Experience related Skills & topics,

What makes me unique, is the diversity of experiences in different topics such as:
  • User Experiece

  • User Interface

  • Services Design

  • Customer Experience

  • Innovation

  • Development

  • Product Design

  • Research & Analysis

  • & more
Management & disruptive Business,
Throughout the years, I have been exposed to a variety of environments and concepts such as:
  • Planning & PM

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Platform Startgegy

  • Change Management

  • Business Innovation

  • & more
Tools and Enablers,
Based on what I need to deliver, the nature of every project, and the time frame. I might use:
  • Figma

  • Zerohight

  • Miro

  • Zeplin

  • Sketch

  • Invision

  • Tableau

  • Principle

  • Noun Project

  • Frontify

  • Lingo

  • Adobe CC Apps

  • & more

The value of your time on the earth, defined by the impact you leave, be proud of it.

These few words describe best the root behind my style of management and my core beliefs.

My design direction key values, motivations & principles


Humans are different; they have emotions, live in groups, and interact in many/multilayer models. 


Beauty is a must, without any unmotivated concept. Less is more.


Integrating the depth of technology and behavioral economics.


Design direction should present the brand values as bolder as possible.

Insights Driven

There is no place for personal opinions; proven insights are the key drivers. 


A pleasant experience is the ultimate objective. 

A Human Who is Leading Humans for The Glory of Humankind! This is How I Am Shaping & Managing Both My Squad & Clients!

Authentic & Visionary

The shortest way to gain your team's trust and respect is to show your human side without losing the futuristic vision. 

Collaboration First

Engaging collaboration works with both teams and clients. It is a proven fact.

Promise less, Deliver more

Managing expectations gives helps deliver happiness to everybody. 

Win Win

We are here all for a success story, for every and each one involved.

Sustainable Trust

Trust means a lot in a professional environment. Gain it, build it and keep it.

Share Stories

Sharing stories is sharing a specific period of your own life, a part of you. It is like being an open book.

In 2007, I started my career as a graphic designer with a passion for colors, brands, and arts. In 2009 the digital experience design spark started; I started designing and developing websites and mobile apps.
One year later, I co-founded Special Effect, a startup that offers 360 marketing offerings (physical, online). But things did not work.

2011 — 2013

Early 2011 I joined Mahgoz, the first full-time job experience in a company that I do not own, as a solution team lead, where I built my first “on-site” team of designers, front-end developers and architecture. For around two years, I have served and delivered more than 40 solutions in multiple sectors.

2013 — 2014

Early 2013, I moved to Sarmady, a Vodafone Company as a senior UX designer where I crafted digital experiences for Figoal, Akhbarak, contactcars, fanta and many more entertainment platforms.

2014 — 2015

With Wireless Marketer, Riyadh Based Product design company, I was a part of hybrid product design & development process. We built multiple integrated platforms, kiosk and devices and digital experiences .

Early 2015 and due to a family emergency, I could not continue working from Riyadh, and the decision to return to Egypt had been taken. With a few friends of mine to start education technologies design & development studio. I called it Pixvar!

2015 — 2016

Pixar, The educational technologies design studio. I led a fully remote team to build and innovate new Edutech, focusing on overseas students, especially Arabs studying in the USA. In addition, we made multiple products for, our rockstar brand.

We had been nominated for the king Khaled award, and we won the third level after national voting. This was the first time one of my projects got an official prize. Due to legal changes and national directions, we lost a considerable percentage of our income, and we found it hard to continue in such sedation. The exit was the only way out.

2016 — 2018

Riyadh again, with Imkan Solutions. The promising startup that owns two essential products (Bondoq, Yosom) offers its digital transformation services to its customers such as Shawarmer, Wateen, Sadad Payment & many more.

As a Product Design Head (UXrs and front-end development), I ensure that we deliver above and beyond products, managing client relationships, building proposals, and managing the demand with partners. These were my core responsibilities. Again, we served more than 20 happy, successful clients, and again, Wateen got King Khaled Award.

2018 — 2021

With HUED and over more than three years, I learned and grew faster and faster, sharpening my technical and management capabilities. From a consultant to a design studio manager. I was serving and making critical decisions throughout the journey.

With HUED, I Played multiple roles with critical accounts, Monshaat a tech. Lead for the entire engagement, MoE Studio Manager (account/tech. lead), STC studio Manager, Al Rajhi Takaful Studio manager. Besides all the management duties, we established a “product design system,” “central research HUB,” detailed UX and UI guidelines.

With my leaders' trust, I educated and elevated the new joiners, CoPs, and other team members. Towards the end of my story with HUED, I managed multiple clients simultaneously with the team we built, with no doubt that my team would do precisely what was on my mind! This is for real.

2021 — 2022

In April of 2021, I moved to TETCO, where I am pursuing a brighter future for educational technologies. Along with brilliant and talented people. The company wanted me to propose strategical change, covering brand image, operational, and offerings.

With TETCO, and besides the day-to-day operations where we deliver all the required stuff to sustain the business and MoE’s different portals, we build a unique, solid operation baseline and capabilities. Our core objective is to position ourselves as Edu technologies market leaders. A place where disruptive human-centered innovations happen.

2022 — Now!

In late 2021 I Moved to PwC as Experience Design Manager. I do not have many to share, as the story has just begun.

Passion is not enough to describe the design for me. It's more than anything. I did not leave a single paper written about design until I got the concept the writer wanted to communicate.

Lately, I decided that my experience was not enough; I wanted to get more academic insights from the top institutions around the globe. To fill the gap between business & digital innovation. 

Currently, I’m doing my master’s in business management after getting a double major PGD.

  • 2021

    Master of Business Adminstration
    University of Aberdeen Business School On-going.

  • 2020

    IDEO Designing A Business

    IDEO'S APPROACH - BUILDING A HUMAN-CENTERED BUSINESS How to make a business desirable for customers, financially viable for stakeholders, and feasible to build and deliver to the world.

  • 2020

    Postgraduate Diploma In Innovation and Design Thinking
    EMERITUS Institute of Management In collaboration with MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School Executive Education, and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

  • 2019

    Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business
    EMERITUS Institute of Management In collaboration with Columbia Business School Executive Education & MIT Sloan. Primary Topics: Digital Strategies, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing.

  • 2018

    Human-Computer Interaction for User Experience Design
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Explore HCI concepts and principles and their impact on the usability and experience level by covering: The essence of interaction design, Non-traditional and multimodal user interfaces, Collaborative computer interaction, Intelligent user interfaces and prototyping, Multimedia, speech, and vision in computer interaction, and the future direction of the human-computer interface.

  • 2017

    Design Sprint Foundations Nanodegree
    Udacity Design Sprint process to test ideas, leverage opportunities, and power innovation. With AJ&Smart.

  • 2013

    Bachelor of Law
    Faculty of Law - University of Assiut
    Licence Degree of Laws.